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Custom Neon Signs – Why?

Custom Neon Signs - Why?

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With the advent of new technology, like LEDs, many have questioned the ongoing usefulness of neon.  Neon is, to be sure, heavier, more fragile, and harder in general to work with than LEDs.    Does that mean that LED’s are better?  Perhaps for some situations, but the classic window sign in a small business isn’t one of them.

Let’s start with energy savings.  Two windows signs, of the same size, both with the same message, letter height, etc.   Does LED use less energy?  Yes…but what’s the real story?    Assuming a typical size of about 1 to 2 feet tall and 2 to 3 feet wide, a typical LED window size uses a 12V, 3 amp adapter that draws a little over 40 watts.  (36 watts output, minus some efficiency factor for conversion of the wall voltage).   A similar neon sign uses perhaps 60 watts.   So, you’re saving 20 watts, or just slightly more than a typical nightlight might use.   In most areas, that about a nickel a day in energy costs.

And, for that nickel, you gain:

– Better readability, at equivalent letter heights.   An LED sign has lettering that’s made of stippled dots.   Neon offers a more readable, and brighter, continuous and unbroken stroke of light.

– A more nostalgic, and classier, look.   LED signs, with their almost 100% plastic construction, just don’t offer the upscale look of hand-bent glass tubing. is a low-price source for hand-crafted neon.  Prices start as low as  $189.99 plus $7 per letter, including UPS ground shipping. These signs allow you to put the exact message you want in your front window.  Sizes range from 13″ x 32″, up to 20″x37″, with hundreds of designs, including optional flashing and graphics.  D

A hand crafted sign will do more than just attract a little attention. It makes a statement that is as different and unique as your business name.  Your potential customers know that there is something that differentiates your company and they will come in to see what all the fuss is about.

Neon gives your small  business the extra advantage that’s needed to stand out from the crowd and overshadow neighboring businesses.  For less than what it costs to buy a newspaper ad, even a short-run one, custom neon signs offer years of 24/7 advertising,  automatically promoting your small business.

Custom neon signs have been proven for over 100 years now, and are the classic choice for advertising. With their attention-getting colors and low prices, any custom neon sign can be seen in bright sunlight, even from fairly long distances. Small businesses everywhere are now uncovering the effectiveness of advertising with neon signs.  A strategically placed neon sign can make the difference between a customer passing by, or making the decision to enter your business.

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