Why you need a custom neon sign

Why You Might Want a Custom Neon Sign

custom neon signCustom-made neon can be an effective tool for a small business that wants to add to their overall advertising and promotion plan. A plain neon sign, perhaps one that reads  “BARBERSHOP” or “OPEN” is certainly helpful, but there’s nothing like a custom neon sign to create a visual invitation, and draw more foot traffic to your small business.

Here’s a short list of the benefits that a custom sign can bring to your small business:

Custom Neon Sign Benefits

  • Wide range of colors: If you were planning to buy a custom LED sign there’s something the LED sign shops would rather you not know…LED signs are severely limited in their choices of color.  White, blue, red, green and yellow work well…almost every other color either doesn’t exist, or is not bright enough in an LED bulb to be useful.
  • Classy: No other type of sign gives the same classy look as neon.  Even seen one of those “fake neon” signs?  Looks like garbage, right?  Is that the image you want your business to have?
  • They are inexpensive. Neon signs are just plain cheap compared to other ways you could advertise your business.  For less than $500, you can have a huge 2 foot high by 3 feet wide custom neon sign in your window that will be there for 10 years or more, bringing in new customers.   What do you think 10 years of radio, TV, or newspaper advertising might cost?

Your design, with no compromises

Unlike pre-made signs, a custom sign puts you in control. With a custom neon sign, you get to specify the colors, message, and overall look of the sign:

  • Size: Neon signs can be made in almost any size…from a relatively small 1 foot X 2 foot open sign, all the way up to a 100 foot monster mounted on a pole sign.
  • Colors: Neon is available in a variety of colors, from deep reds to bright greens, purple, orange, white, and more.  And, unlike an LED sign, almost every color in Neon is exceptionally bright.
  • Message: You are in total control here.  Make the sign say anything you want…no settling for a canned sign that just says “BEAUTY SALON”…you can put a better “call to action” message there… “CUT AND COLOR: ONLY $24.99″.   Which one do think would bring more customers in?
  • Fonts:  An experienced shop can use just about any font, provided that it’s an “equal width” font.   They can create bold block-letters shapes, elegant handwriting-style fonts, or big double-outline letters.   They can usually reproduce your company logo too…don’t be afraid to ask for a proof or mockup.

A custom neon sign will give you years of reliable service, and will bring in new customers each and every week, without the recurring cost that other forms of advertising require.   A typical neon window sign will remain in service for 6-12 years, and is very inexpensive and simple to maintain.

It will also differentiate your small business from the others around you, and draw the eye of potential customers to your storefront. With the relatively low cost of ownership, there’s really no reason to wait any longer on putting a custom sign in your window now.

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