What an LED or Neon Sign does for your Business

What can illuminated window signs do for small businesses? How well do we really understand these common advertising tools? As it turns out, there are many reasons to use illuminated signs which aren’t immediately obvious. Here, I’ll point out a few of them.

1: Gather Attention from Passersby

Your storefront may be located next to many other storefronts, or it might be isolated in the middle of a nondescript block. Either way, you’re competing for the attention of anyone passing through on foot. An eye-catching illuminated sign will gather the attention of anyone walking by your shop. Even a simple led open sign or one or more open signs will grab attention.

2: Instantaneous Communication

Signs are not only conspicuous. If they’re crafted carefully, they can communicate a lot of information very quickly, too. Even a simple neon sign flashing “Open” can be a world of difference to anyone walking by, whether it’s your kitchen or your tax preparation office that’s open for business.

3: Illuminated Signs are Effective Even After Daylight Hours

Are you afraid of the dark? Not anymore. The most obvious advantage of advantage of illuminated signs is that they are visible at all hours. Why should people stop seeing your message just because the sun has gone down?

4: Beneficial to Any Business, Regardless of Market

Illuminated signs can find useful applications in any storefront. As mentioned above, there is the ubiquitous “Open” sign. Another obvious use for illuminated signs would be a concise description of a business’s services offered. Consider signs like, “Donuts” or “Tax Preparation” — these are incomplete sentences but immediately obvious messages. Who’s hungry?

5: SBA Claims That Illuminated Signage is the Most Cost Effective Advertising Available to Small Businesses

One article cites a report by the Small Business Association that claims that LED and other illuminated signage is the most cost-effective advertising available to small businesses aside from word of mouth. If the phrase “most cost-effective” isn’t already making you drool, consider gambling as an alternative business model.

6: LED’s Can Change Their Message According to the Time of Day, Allowing Small Businesses to Advertise to Different Markets at Different Times

The most advanced and interesting feature of LED signage is programmability. Programming your sign can allow you, for example, to display your happy hour specials the moment that your happy hour begins. If know that your business attracts different demographics at different hours, you can tailor your message to attract those most likely to be seeking your services at any given time. Plus, if you need to change your sign for any reason, there’s no cost necessary for additional signage. Just program your new message and you’re set.

These are just a few ways that illuminated signage can help your business increase its traffic. For more ideas and further exploration of those listed above, visit this article’s references below.


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