Upscale Banner Stands

Because of their light weight, low cost, and portability, banner stands have been an extremely popular choice for years. Innovation, of course, hits every technology, and banner stands are no exception.   Roll-up banner stands were historically a cheap, low-tech, way to get signage up in a hurry, and were an obvious fit for events like trade shows.

Dimensional Banner Stand

Manufacturers have put a new twist on the old roll-up.  New models on the market include both tensioned fabric “pillow case” banner stands as well as  dimensional, but retractable banner stands.  Both of these add depth to the product, making the message “pop” in a way that a flat banner just can’t.

Of course, fabric banner stands are a bit more expensive when compared directly to a more traditional banner stand, but they also provide unique features. These stands come in unique shapes and have options like built-in shelving and backlighting.  The construction features retractable aluminum tubing and a special stretch fabric material that  wraps the interior framing like a pillow cases.  The fabric banner stands are a little more bulky than a standard roll up or retractable banner stand but the added attention and ease of product display make up for the bulk.  Heavy use of telescoping tubing and retractable fabric makes for quick and easy assembly.  Turnaround times tend to fall in the 3 to 4 range for an experienced shop.

A dimensional banner stand consists of  a double-sided retractable banner stand where the rear banner is used to add a layer of visual depth.  It gives a nice layered effect, especially if you use cut outs in the front banner to strategically expose the rear sign face.  Turnaround times on these are, of course, a bit longer, but most shops are able to go from consultation to design and production, and finish within one work week.

Consider these more “upscale” banner stands to bring a sense of professionalism to a trade show or event display, and leverage their unique capability to highlight your client’s products.  Your clients will notice, and you’ll gain the benefit of the repeat business.  And make no mistake, other potential clients will notice as well, so don’t forgot to put your branding in a discrete, but not hidden location, on the stand.

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