LEDVIEW led display

LEDVIEW led display

Full Description

LEDVIEW Optronics is a joint venture, which has the advanced production facilities in the photoelectric industry, a powerful R&D team, and the high-standard ten thousand square meters’ workshop. We keep improving internal governance constantly, allocating resources reasonably and advancing production efficiency continuously through these years. Our company has passed ISO9000 standards, and the production of all our LED products implements a strict manufacturing process. From the 3 strict inspections before any materials enter our warehouse to 100+  hours of testing for all products before delivery, each process reflects our diligence.

Maximizing the interests of customers is our mission, and quality is LEDVIEW’s life. Now what we obey is “Same price, the best quality; same quality, the best price”. At the same time, by combining the many years development experience with precise mastery of market demand, our technical experts have successfully developed the LED Display and LED Light, which are with many proprietary intellectual property rights.

  • led display
  • soft led display
  • flexible led curtain
  • led screen

All of these products will open up to the global market in 2012. Now, our products not only mainly satisfy the domestic market demand, but also have been used by about 100 countries and regions around the world, and enjoy high reputation among all the users.

Besides good quality, we also attach importance to first-class service. Now we can do: Pre-sale reply to customer consultation within three hours, after-sales service support with 365 days unremittingly, and find way to solve customer complaints within 72 hours.


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