Custom, Business, and Office Signs

Custom, Business, and Office Signs

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Looking to drive additional revenue to your small business?  According the U.S. Small Business Administration, your on-premises signage is one of the most effective places to invest your advertising dollar:

“Signage is the least expensive, yet most effective, form of advertising for independent and national retail businesses.”

You’ve probably already got your primary signage installed though, right?  So does adding more “pow” to your signage require throwing away that investment and starting over?  Nope.

The most underused area of advertising for most businesses are their frontage windows.  It’s already an area, by definition, that’s facing the direction where you want  to attract customers, and better still, the local municipal regulations are almost always more relaxed for signs that are placed in a window as opposed to signage mounted outdoors.

Some options:

Custom Signs

Since you can control the message, custom signs are a very popular choice with small businesses.  You can choose to reinforce your brand by displaying your business name, or choose to push sales with a specific “call to action”, like “50% Off!”.  For the best effect, we recommend using an illuminated custom sign.   Whether it’s a custom-crafted sign in neon, an led sign, or just a custom-printed lightbox sign…the added lighting makes sure you sign gets noticed.

Open Signs

You might surprised at how much advertising power a simple, sub-$100, “open sign” can have.  Especially at morning time and dusk, customers aren’t always sure if your store is open, as the ambient lighting in the store may not be bright enough for them to see inside. A simple open sign, especially an illuminated one, makes it clear whether you are open or closed.  Be sure to shop around, as not all of these signs are of high quality.  If you go with neon, make sure the sign has a real, high-voltage transformer,and real glass tubes forming the letters.  With LED signs, it’s a little trickier, but be sure to look at models that are at least in the $100 range.  Cheap led open signs tend to either wear out prematurely, or use sub-standard LEDs that aren’t bright enough to be read in direct sunlight.

Programmable Signs

With the advent of lower-priced, large,  window-facing programmable LED signs, just about any business can afford to make the investment.  Just as with the expensive, outdoor mounted signs, window-placed scrolling signs grab more attention than just about any other type of sign, and have the added advantage of being highly visible both day and night.  A decent size sign…say 12″ high and 60 inches wide, with a 15mm pitch, can now be had for under $1000, which is a serious bargain.  These lower-end models tend to pay for themselves (in increased foot traffic and sales) within a few short months.

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